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24 patches 10mm diameter clear type round acne pimple patch colorful blemish patch

Material: hydrocolloid Size:10mm diameter Color: clear Shape:round Packing:1pc/half paper bag 1 bag/box MOQ: 1000 sheets / 1000 boxes

Key words:

acne patch pimple patch acne pimple patch blemish patch zit patch

Product Details

Material: hydrocolloid

Size:10mm diameter
Color: clear

Packing:1pc/half paper bag,1 bag/box
MOQ: 1000 sheets / 1000 boxes

  • Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches: Effectively absorbs impurities making it your go-to skincare product. Ideal for sensitive skin, these patches provide gentle protective barrier against external irritants.
  • Convenient and Versatile: Available in one sizes, our hydrocolloid patch provides targeted spot treatment, effortlessly adhering to skin and discreetly covering pimples and blemishes. They stay put all night, ensuring continuous treatment while you sleep.
  • Easy Solution: These acne patches act as zit stickers, delivering active ingredients directly to the targeted area. Perfect for overnight use.
  • Non-irritating and Breathable: Our hydrocolloid acne patches create a protective barrier that shields blemishes from dirt while allowing the skin to breathe. They are gentle even on sensitive skin.
  • Easy to Use and Suitable for All Skin Types: These dots for spots acne patches are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Their discreet design allows for confident use throughout the day or overnight, without causing discomfort.

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