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PB-35 Pill Box Round for Travel - Mini Compact Portable 5 Compartment Pills Case Organizer, Vitamin and Medication Dispenser Holder


* 【High quality materials】This pill box is made of environmentally-friendly materials and PP, it is strong and durable. It has no irritating smell and is convenient for storing all kinds of pills. * 【Novel design】This pill container has a novel design. Each pill box has 5 independent compartments. The petal-shaped design eliminates the trouble of mixing medicine. The sealed design prevents the pills from falling out and direct sunlight. * 【Easy storage】this medication organizer is smaller than the palm of your hand and weighs only 1.65 ounces each, making it lightweight and easy to store. You can put it in your pocket, travel bag or even purse, or take it with you on your travels to wherever you want to go. * 【Convenience of use】The medication organizer is easy to use, and the threaded design ensures that even if the pill box is dropped, the pills will not spill. It is suitable for all kinds of people.

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Product Details

Material: Platycodon grandiflorum +ABS 

Size: 7.5X7.5X4CMcm

Colour:Blue,Pink, green,yellow





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