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24 dots holographic acne pimple patch with 4 customize shapes

Material: hydrocolloid Size:12mm diameter Color:holographic Packing:1pc/half paper bag,1 bag/box MOQ: 1000 sheets / 1000 boxes

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Product Details

Material: hydrocolloid

Size:12mm diameter

Color: holographic ,4 shapes

Packing:1pc/half paper bag,1 pcs /box

MOQ: 1000 sheets / 1000 boxes

  • Customized Colors & Variety Sizes- our pimple patches zit stickers offer 12mm,can cover big size acne 
  • All Gentle Ingredients- Pimple patches for face adding tea tree oil or another natrual ingredient helps soothe redness skin, safe and non-stimulating on all skin-types(even sensitive).
  •  Brilliant Adhesiveness- Made of hydrocolloid to help absorb fluid and pus, with brilliant adhesiveness, no falling even overnight.
  • Easy To Use- Clean & dry affected area, and then peel and apply the acne patch overnight or anytime you want.    Absorb fluid and pus and stop messing with your face.
  •  Fashionable & Cute Designs- Colorful stars make you life wonderful and make pimples cute again with these adorable and effective acne dots.    Also fit for many occasions, such as dress-up, costume party, festival party.

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