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15 patches type star acne pimple patch pink,yellow,green,purple colorful blemish patch

Material: hydrocolloid Size:14mm diameter Color: pink,yellow,green,purple Shape:star Packing:1pc/half paper bag 1 bag/box MOQ: 5000 sheets / 5000 boxes

Key words:

acne patch pimple patch acne pimple patch blemish patch zit patch

Product Details

Material: hydrocolloid

Size:14mm diameter
Color: pink,yellow,green,purple

Packing:1pc/half paper bag,1 bag/box
MOQ: 10000 sheets / 5000 boxes

  • CUTE & EFFECTIVE: The classic transparent acne patch, combined with a unique floral and star shaped acne patch, meets your different needs. Made with 100% hydrocolloid to help absorb fluid, reduce inflammation, and shrink spots while looking cute.、OVERNIGHT CARE: Step up your skincare regime and wake up with flawless, blemish-free skin. Our acne dots pimple patches for face, shield your face from dirt, debris, and unwanted contact.
  • GET RID OF BLEMISH, MARK-FREE: Our acne dots pimple patches for face could add the salicylic acid and the tea tree oil for you, keep blemish-causing debris at bay while absorbing sediments and oils. Use our cute pimple patches stars & hearts, for your blemish treatment to avoid marks and hyperpigmentation.
  • EASY TO USE: Always apply to clean, dry skin (after cleansing and before moisturizing). Replace after 6+ hours. Due to the color tint of our pimple patches for face, it might seem like it catches less gunk. But don't worry, it's still doing its miracle, just as effective as our highly-rated clear patches.
  • 100% SAFE: Our acne patches are vegan, cruelty free, dermatologist tested, gentle, and safe for every skin type (even sensitive). Have only one ingredient: hydrocolloid, a substance borrowed from surgical dressing that’s clinically proven to improve the appearance of pimples overnight. High-absorbent hydrocolloid is proven & safe to draw out pus and impurities. The medical-grade protective barrier will lower the chances of new breakouts. Elevate your skincare easily!

2 kinds of star for you to choose

Tearable back sheet

Easy to put it down

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