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Talent Center

Talent Center

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Job title:

The salesman

Job responsibilities:

1. Maintain e-commerce platform, upload and update products

2. Responsible for replying inquiries, maintaining old customers, developing new customers, and handling orders

3, active marketing, use all kinds of website, APP development customer, for example, Facebook/linkedin, Google, whatsapp/skype etc


1. College degree or above, major in international trade or business English;

2. 1-3 years working experience (both male and female);

4. Cet-4 or above, excellent English writing skills is preferred;

5. Familiar with office software and e-commerce platform; Familiar with export process;

6, have good business development ability and business negotiation skills, you have the ability, here is the stage!

Working hours:

9:00-12:00 am

13:00-18:00 PM

Monday to Friday, double weekend

Company website: www.jsunmedical.com

Company email: shirleygu@jsunmedical.com

Contact number: 025-83419690

Contact person: miss gu