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Bamboo charcoal oil absorbing paper sheet

oil blotting paper Blotting paper for oily skin, made with natural linens, particularly adding the grain of natural bamboo charcoal ingredients, which have the outstanding oil absorbency. The paper is soft but not easy to tear, and it has a clean, relief-like texture. This product is gentle on the skin and won't clog pores. PRESS a single blotting paper sheet against the oily areas of your face. Start with the T-zone areas of the nose, chin, cheek and forehead. Leave the oil blotting papers for face against your skin for a few seconds and allow it to absorb excess oil without rubbing or moving it against your skin. It won't ruining your perfect makeup! Attention! Please PRESS the blotting paper sheet, BUT NOT RUB it on your face!

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Product Details

Material : Bamboo charcoal,Wood pulp.
Package type: color box
MOQ of oil absorbing paper:1000boxes
Packing way:50sheets/box,100sheets/box
Size and type: 9*6cm/7*10cm
Product leading time:15- 20 days
How to use:
1.Put paper on face with oil
2.wait 3-5 seconds



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