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Product Details

Cool patch -Hydrophilic polymer gel


A Reliable Cool Therapy for Adults and Children Fever

Fever cool patch is quick acting that ensures long heating fever relief to the children and elders because of its’ Hydro-gel based natural levomenthol and ice mint sheet provide a continuing anti-febrile effect.



Safe to be used in Dengue Fever,Malaria and heat storke

Cool patch contains no drug that is why it is safe to use with any medication,it could be advice to hospitalize or discharging patients.




It is composed of three layers,fabric layer,gel layer,non-stick layer.As for the gel layer,it contains hydrophilic micromole-ecule,can reduce the heat very quickly by absorbing heat through evaporation.It also contains the natural cool plant extraction (Menthol) that can be well penetrated into the skin,to enhance the effecct of cooling Doctor recommends it to be used for cold therapy and pain relief




  1. No medicines,safe to be used for babies and adults
  2. Long lasting affect up to 10 hours
  3. Easy to paste and pull


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